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Sorority Recruitment

With sorority recruitment right around the corner Duds by Dudes wanted to offer our faithful readers a few tips and tricks to making it through unscathed. The Dudette is an AXO alumni and The Dudes have been known to frequent a frat house or two, so we quasi know what we’re talking about… Although this blog post is solely for the ladies. Next week we will scribble some words for our fine gentleman readers.

Throughout recruitment, you might hear bits of hearsay about certain chapters or individual chapter members. Talking unfavorably of a chapter, chapter member, or potential new member could influence somebody’s recruitment experience and perhaps harming somebody’s emotions. Your concern as a potential new member ought to be looking into those chapters in which you are generally intrigued. If you experience any negative remarks or conduct from active members or other potential new members, do not waver to report it. This is because potential new member should administer inquiries and concerns to their Recruitment Guide.

Formal sorority recruitment starts the week before the fall semester commence. Every day, you will go to recruitment events at different sorority houses, meeting women from every chapter and discovering the chapter in which you could best see yourself. As the week advances, you will go to fewer events for a more drawn out period at each one, giving you the chance to confine your decisions and give more time to the chapters with which you feel the strongest association. The chapters, in turn, will be partaking in this joint choice process and searching for the women who best typify their own particular Greek apparel. Your Recruitment Guide will help you all through the week in knowing where to head off and what to anticipate. She will additionally serve as a guide or compatriot if you have any inquiries or worries about the sorority apparel to wear. Your Recruitment Guide will be answerable for a recruitment group made out of different young women on your floor who are additionally taking part in sorority recruitment. These groups are a fabulous approach to meet and bond with your new neighbors and get back in your first week at college. These customs will furnish you with tips and insight to determine that your sorority recruitment is an extraordinary experience.

Do ask questions. By making inquiries, you will grasp what the qualities of the organization are. Do be trustworthy with yourself by keeping an open personality all through the week, and be in touch with your senses. In addition, do meet everyone you can. This is to the fact that you never know who will end up living in your dormitory lobby, sitting adjacent in your science lab, or partaking in your pledge class. Do get more than enough sleep and eat healthy meal. This is because recruitment days are long and require lots of enthusiasm.

The discussion you have throughout recruitment might as well attach once more to you or the sorority. In connection to that,do not discuss boys or parties in a conversation.  Moreover, do not hold grudge or blame when the organization transfers you from a house. This is to the fact that the way a sorority can bid on a woman varies for every organization, school, and chapter. Do not reject a house dependent upon what you have heard from other individuals. Some opinions you are receiving about a sorority’s reputation may be biased or outdated. Do not accept everything you see on TV or films about Greek life. The TV show makes it appear as though each sorority is at war with one another and each woman in a sorority will cut you in the back the first chance they get. Do not wear lots of clanging greek clothing or an excessive amount of rings. This is because numerous rings will get uncomfortable in recruitment, and an excessive amount of sorority apparel might be distracting.

A recruitment occasion is a period for prospective members to study more about distinct chapters and for chapter member to study more about potential new member. Potential new members will meet with and converse with different members of the chapters, research the chapters’ qualities, scholastics, and governing sorority recruitment body, and tour the houses. Potential new members should remember that sorority recruitment is a joint selection process. In the same way that you are attempting to speak to yourself to the members, so are the actives attempting to depict an ideal picture of their chapters to the potential new member!