3 reasons why The Dudes are classier than Ron Burgundy’s Channel 4 News Team

With Duds by Dudes headquarters stationed in San Diego it’s only natural that we get our grove on to Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues. It’s a fact that while Duds by Dudes is screen printing T-shirts we are kicking more ass than the Channel 4 news team. So hold onto your hymen, Olivia Newton John, because we are about to do a breakdown comparison of why Duds by Dudes would kick the Channel 4 News Team’s tushes into next Tuesday if we went mustache to mustache in an epic street battle.

1. Our hair always looks great!
You’ve seen the logo, you’ve met Brian and JT in person, you know we look good. Why even question the strapping silhouettes that come to you smiling through a circular halo of awesomeness? Let us enlighten you with a story, one day The Dudes were walking down the street, singing a beat-box acapella tune of “Afternoon Delight”. Minding their own business and not bothering anybody. Their hair was coiffed to perfection, when Cerberus, the 3 headed dog, jumped off a building and attacked them! They fended off the hell-fire beast using the power of their immaculate tresses. Laser beams shot out the tops of their heads, deflecting the beast and causing him to explode into a liquidy rain shower of ouzo. Although, none of the ouzo got onto The Dudes T-shirts, because Duds by Dudes shirts have their own magical stain resistant powers. Celebratory shots were had all around. Point being, The Dudes sport their fros better than any bros, and that’s a FACT!

Screen Shot 2014-01-10 at 3.47.32 PM

2. We have not 1, but 4 kick ass ladies running the show
Sure, Ron has Veronica Corningstone, and while she is one stone cold fox, Duds by Dudes has four knock out babes running this show. Each one of the Dudettes, Juli, Sarah, Paulina, and Krysta, has more talent printing T-shirts and pool sharking than Veronica has blonde hair dye, and real talk here, that’s A LOT of dye! Just to show you how serious we are about custom screen printing, we present you with this photograph of The Dudettes hanging out in their free time. Notice the dedication in those faces,


3. We sculpt our guns at the office, AND at the gym
We know Ron Burgundy is a sexy beast. No one can deny that. But when it comes down to it, The Dudes can defeat a 3 headed mythological monster harnessing the powers of their Jewfros. Now just imagine what they can do for your T-shirts! Here are a couple more fun facts that contribute to our awesomeness: We’re not afraid to eat chicken of the cave for our post-workout protein. Our office smells of rich mahogany, which also obviously transfers over and becomes infused our deliciously scented T-shirts. Our poop smells like sandalwood, and whenever we print a T-shirt a unicorn high fives a T-rex in outer-space.

Screen Shot 2014-01-10 at 3.49.30 PM

We would love to stay and enlighten you with more titillating tales of our adventures in life and screen printing, but unfortunately we need to sign off now. The powers of our awesomeness can only be confined to one place for so long. Others are in need of our magical talents and T-shirts. If you are however, dear reader, in need of the Duds by Dudes team shoot us an email. After all, all super teams have Iphones with instantly updating email access. Contact us at dudsbydudes@gmail.com, or www.dudsbydudes.com. As always, stay classy!

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