We Fell Back, Now we’re Springing Forward…

In the U.S., Daylight Saving Time begins next Sunday, March 10th, at 2:00am! Us here at Duds by Dudes are excited to spring forward—since that means we’ll be able to get so much more accomplished after work, not to mention it will still be bright out once we leave the office! Hibernation days are over…it’s time to [spring] into action! These are some of the activities that Duds by Dudes is looking forward to:

– Jiking [Jog + Hiking]

– After-work rainbows

– Running into the sunset

– Tanning

– Happy hours before the sun goes down

– Long walks on the beach

What are you most looking forward to doing with the extra daylight time?


Daylight Saving Time also means that the first day of Spring is approaching—which means Spring Break for students, Easter, and candy! Call us up if you’re in need of some sweet apparel for the Spring season, we’ll be happy to work with you and get you your custom apparel! Check out our website…and see what we’re up to on Facebook!


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